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Hazardous Goods

The transport of dangerous goods is regulated in order to prevent, as far as possible, accidents involving people or property, damage to the environment, to the means of transport employed or to other goods being transported.  Each mode of transport (air, sea, road) has its own regulations.

Hazardous or dangerous goods may be pure chemicals, mixtures of substances, manufactured products or articles that may pose a risk to people, animals or the environment if not properly handled in use or in transport. Substances and materials that are dangerous for transport range from those, which present obvious risks, such as explosives through to more frequently encountered products such as paints, solvents and pesticides.

At Phoenix Cargo Services, our trained professionals take care of all Hazardous Goods Consignments regardless of the transport mode. Individuals are trained in the specific issues related to handling hazardous shipments - from specialist documentation to labelling, containerisation and handling.

Class 1 - Explosives
Class 2 - Gases
Division 2.1 Flammable gas
Division 2.2 Non-flammable non-toxic gas
Division 2.3 Toxic gas
Class 3 - Flammable liquids
Class 4 - Other flammables
Division 4.1 Flammable solids
Division 4.2 Substances liable to spontaneous combustion
Division 4.3 Substances which, in contact with water, emit flammable gases
Class 5
Division 5.1 Oxidising agents
Division 5.2 Organic peroxides
Class 6
Division 6.1 Toxic substances
Division 6.2 Infectious substances
Class 7 - Radioactive materials
Class 8 - Corrosives
Class 9 - Miscellaneous
Class 9 includes items such as asbestos, automotive airbags, lithium batteries and environmentally hazardous substances, which don't fit into any of the other 8 classes.
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